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Chemistry Analyser Fully Automated model Sapphire 350

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Chemistry Analyser Fully Automated 350 tests/hour


Sapphire 350 fully automated bench-top random access clinical analyser is performing up to 350 tests per hour. Clinical chemistry tests could be executed in random access.

System: Discrete, single line random access, multi-test analysis
Number of reagents on board:
60 reagents (30 two reagent chemistries)
Throughput: Up to 360 tests / hour; average 300 tests per hour
Analytical method: End point Reagent Blank, End Point Sample Blank, Kinetic , Fixed time Kinetic, Turbidimetry
Calibration curve:
Linear, non-linear, logit-log
Contents of test:
Clinical chemistry, homogeneous, immuno-assay, TDM, DOA
Sample container:
Primary tubes 5, 7, 10 ml, sample cups
Sample number:
60 samples/tray
Sample volume:
Automatic dilution:
Stat sample measurement:
Immediate access and execution, result within 2 minutes
Sample identification:
Position ID, Bar-code ID (option)
Sample probe:
Temperature controlled level detection, high pressure washing
Cuvette material:
PMMA reusable
Reaction luquid volume:
250µl min
Reaction temperature:
37°C ± 0.1°C
Wavelength (nm): 10 (340 – 700)
Light source: 12V / 20 W halogen / quartz lamp
Measurement type:
Monochromatic and bichromatic
Quality control:
Data storage capacity:
Unlimited number of methods, data files for samples, controls and calibrators
Printer: External
Dimensions: 800 x 450 x 580 mm
Weight: 45kg
Hand held bar code reader for Pos. Reagent I.D., Internal bar code reader for Pos Sample I.D.
Analyser types:
Without PC; With bar code reader

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