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Clinical Chemistry Multi Purpose Reagents (MPR)

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Clinical Chemistry Reagents for open systems

(Multi Purpose Reagents)

  • Extended stability and extended shelf life liquid stable ready to use
  • We provide a variety range of clinical reagents for different analysers
  • Variety of pack sizes to meet all laboratory requirements


Acid phos.
powder 10x10ml  
Albumin BCG liquid 4x125ml  
Albumin BCP liquid 4x250ml  
ALP DGKC liquid 10x18ml  
ALT SCE liquid 10x18ml  
ALT IFCC liquid 10x18ml  
ALT DGKC liquid 10x18ml  
Ammonia (enz) liquid 5x50ml 5x10ml
Amylase mono RGT liquid 10x50ml  
Amylase IFCC liquid 5x60ml  
a 1-Antitrypsin liquid 1x50ml 1x10ml
Angiotensin enz. liquid 10x10ml  
APO A1 liquid 1x50ml 1x10ml
APO B liquid 1x50ml 1x10ml
ASO liquid 1x50ml 1x10ml
AST SCE liquid 10x18ml   
AST IFCC liquid 10x18ml  
AST DGKC liquid 10x18ml  
Bicarbonate (Co2) liquid 5x20ml  
Bilirubin Total liquid 5x120ml  
Bilirubin Direct liquid 5x120ml  
Bilirubin Total and Direct liquid 4x500ml  
Bilirubin total DPD liquid 5x100ml 1x100ml
Bilirubin direct DPD liquid 5x100ml 1x100ml
C3 liquid 1x50ml 1x10ml
C4 liquid 1x50ml 1x10ml
Calcium Arsenazo III liquid 6x60ml  
Calcium EDTA Arsenazo III liquid 4x125ml  
Ceruloplasmin liquid 1x40ml Buffer 1x1ml Anti Serum
Chloride liquid 6x60ml  
Cholesterol liquid 10x18ml  
Cholinesterase liquid 4x40ml 4x10ml
CK-NAC liquid 5x60ml  
CK-MB liquid 10x18ml  
Copper liquid 2x60ml  
Creatinine Jaffe liquid 6x50ml  
Creatinine enz. liquid 2x50ml 2x25ml
CRP liquid 1x50ml 1x10ml
Ferritin liquid 1x30ml 1 x10ml
Fructosamine liquid 5x60ml  
Gamma GT liquid 5x60ml  
Glucose HEX liquid 10x18ml  
Glucose PAP liquid 10x18ml  
Haemoglobin (conc) liquid 3x100ml  
HbA1c liquid 1x30ml 1x0.5ml
HDL Cholesterol “Direct” liquid 2x45ml 2x15ml
HDL Cholesterol “Direct Plus” liquid 2x45ml 2x15ml
Haptoglobin liquid 1x50ml 1x10ml
IgA liquid 1x50ml 1x10ml
IgG liquid 1x50ml 1x10ml
IgG liquid 1x50ml 1x10ml
Iron Ferrozine liquid 10x18ml  
Lactate liquid 10x18ml  
LDH (P-L) SCE liquid 10x18ml  
LDH (P-L) DGKC liquid 10x18ml  
LDH (L-P) U.V. liquid 10x18ml  
LDL Cholesterol “Direct” liquid 2x45ml 2x15ml
LDL Cholesterol “Direct Plus” liquid 2x45ml 2x15ml
Lipase liquid 4x10ml 1x8ml
Lithium liquid 1x50ml 1x25ml
Lp(a) liquid 1x50ml 1x10ml
Magnesium Calmagite liquid 10x18ml  
Magnesium Xylidil blue
liquid 10x18ml  
Microalbumin liquid 1x50ml 1x10ml
Myoglobin liquid 1x50ml 1x10ml
Pancreatic amylase
liquid 4x25ml 4x5ml
Paracetamol liquid 2x50ml 1x50ml
Phospholipids powder 5x60ml  
Phosphorous U.V. liquid 4x125ml  
Potassium enz. (K) liquid 4x45ml 2x45ml
Prealbumin liquid 1x50ml 1x10ml
RF liquid 1x50ml 1x10ml
Sodium enz. (NA) liquid 4x45ml 2x40ml
Total Bile Acid (TBA) liquid 1x30ml 1x30ml
Total Protein
liquid 4x125ml  
Transferrin liquid 1x50ml 1x10ml
Triglycerides liquid 10x18ml  
Urea U.V. liquid 10x18ml  
Urea colour liquid 2x125ml  
Uric Acid
liquid 10x18ml  
Urinary Protein
liquid 2x60ml  
Zinc liquid 2x60ml  

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